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Hi, I am Therese, nice to meet you. 


Isn't it astonishing to know that our children of today will change the world tomorrow! 

Times pass by way too quickly - I know it only too well what it's like, it's a hectic enough time as it is, the years flying by and the children are growing up too quick, trying to pin everyone down seems like a mission in itself - the online shop might not be done yet let alone the children's next dental appointments booked, chores high as a mountain leaving you with pure exhaustion. 

Your looking for that someone to wave a magic wand, make you all look and feel good, show your connection and re energise the love you have for your family all in print. 


You want someone that leaves you and your child feeling inspired to be yourself. Leaving you all with big smiles and happy playful memories away from the normal daily mundane routines. 

Yorkshire, a place surrounded with the most stunning locations full of vibrant colours and dramatic scenery, perfectly suited to capture children’s natural, playful, adventurous spirit in their favourite environment. Whether it’s in the woods, biking around a glittering lake or simply playing football in the park. When they’re feeling safe and at their happiest that’s when I capture those magical moments.

Make sure to capture your child's glowing inner light whilst not yet shaped or taunted by life itself. 

All of this makes a difference. 

And making a difference to you is my kind of HAPPY! 



with love, Therese x

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Tel: 07704 364241

West Yorkshire, UK

Thank you so much Therese! Love Hazel 

“What can I say? Therese is a wonderful person inside and out and such a talented photographer. Our little girl, Florence, has complex disabilities including Autism. Taking good photos of her is so tricky as she never stops moving and has lots of quirky mannerisms. She also finds it a challenge to accept new people into her space. Therese's warmth and gentle nature shone through immediately. She made an instant connection with Florence who felt completely at ease with her. We Spent over 2 hours with Therese enjoying a lovely walk around Newmillerdam, finding perfect spots for lots of relaxed, beautifully autumnal photographs. Therese has an incredible ability to catch those perfect moments so often missed by us. She also got some amazing shots of Harris our black labrador. No mean feet when he is busy zooming around chasing squirrels! Thank you so much Therese. It means the world to us!.”​


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