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10 top tips on what to wear for your Autumn photo session!

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

There’s something very special in the air at this time of the year. A crisp autumn breeze, crackling log fires and bristling leaves, floating delicately towards the ground, inspire many people to celebrate this picturesque season.

It's the season of change and a prime time for a colourful fun outdoor photo session. Enjoy the best locations to appreciate the rich and dramatic colours complimenting unique and beautiful images of your children playing in the fresh air.

With all the richness of autumn it might be hard to decide on what to wear. Although my images mostly focuses on capturing the essence of the individuals, wearing complimentary clothing is beneficial.

1. Color Palette and Home Decor

Firstly start with a color palette. Think of your home, what is your decor, colors and style in your home? Trying to keep your decor in mind ensures that your colours and style of clothes blend in with your beautiful prints on your wall. You can find inspiration on color palettes everywhere, Pinterest is a great start.

2. Coordinate outfits

Now this does not mean everyone has to 100% match with khaki pants or jeans and white shirt!! You want to complement each other's outfits by choosing colours that work well tighter. I find that if everyone is wearing the same clothing, people will all tend to blend in together and there won't be much pop and life to the images. Coordinate VS. Matching.... let's not get cheesy!

3. Using colours & patterns

Using the right colours for your style and personalities can really make your images pop with life. Again, be sure the colours you use coordinate with each other and don't just end up looking like a rainbow family!. When picking patters, choose smaller ones that won't distract the attention away from the main subject/s. Use patters, sparingly... if one person is wearing a print, try to avoid putting someone else in a competing pattern. When thinking about texture, choose different ones that will give photos some interest such as lace, corduroy, denim etc. Avoid large loo's, emblems and graphics like for example "GAP" because again, these will typically distract attention away from the subject. I want your faces and emotion to show, not promote the clothing company you purchased from!

4. Be timeless

For some fashionista's, this may be a difficult concept, however you are going to want these images to stand the test of time. Pick outfits that aren't considered too trendy, but will be able to be enjoyed and displayed for many years to come. One example of something that is timeless is jeans... classic look and style yet you can still incorporate your own flair into the outfit with your tops and accessories. Still be YOU, never forget that!!!

5. Let your personality shine

Perhaps the most important 'rule' in my book. The purpose of these photo is to capture each individual as they truly are, to capture the family, relationships, unique children and people in the photo just as YOU are. Forcing children to wear outfits that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar to them may case some anxiety and stress to them which in turn will inhibit really capturing their personalities during the session. Same goes for adults. We are clothing that YOU feel good in and the pictures will emanate those feelings. if your child wears a paring of rain boots everywhere he goes, it makes the most sense to have him wear them for the pictures as well. Remember, you want to capture everyone as they are NOW. Capture these moments as they are!

6. Dress for the season & location

Obviously you want your images to make sense. One typical y wouldn't be wearing jeans, boots, and a jacket to the beach in the Summer so why would you for pictures? Dress the part and be aware of your location. You will want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and coordinates in both colours and styles.

7. Layering

One of my favourite 'tips' for clothing choices, layering! Not only will it provide more visual interest in each photo but it will also allow a lot more variety in your shots and poses. Having lots of images with the same dress on will look monotone however throw on a little jacket and a hat and you have an entirely different look.

8. Personalise it

These are your images and of course you want them to speak volumes about you, your children and your family. Discuss things your family enjoys doing together or something your children love doing. Bring 'props' and accessories that will help compliment who you are to the session. It could be a favourite teddy, an instrument, a football, a book etc. Choose a location that compliments who you are, where you and your children feel the most at home, where you know you will have lots of fun and feel comfortable being yourselves. I suggest bring items that will represent who each individual is AND who your family is collectively.

9. Plan ahead

Make sure you have given yourself enough time to think about al of the details of your session. Plan ahead so that #1 you can truly focus on your photos and everything you want out of the session # you aren't rushing and stressing out right before your session, and #3 if you have decided to go for a new look for your session or someone gets a bad haircut, your still have time to fix things if you need to.

10. Ladies & their shoes

I'm all for a sassy pair of heels, however they may make for a very long and painful session. If you plan on wearing heels, be sure to bring a pari of flats or flip flop that can help you get from point A to point B without any pain. You can just swap them as you need to.

Last but not least, have FUN.

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